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We’re changing the way clients source their best talent.  We work to build long lasting relationships with clients because we are all about adding value and create win-win partnerships.  Recruitment is a fulfilling industry where you can help someone find the job they truly want and provide clients an invaluable service.  We believe life and business is all about honest, transparent, and real relationships.

At tng, you won’t just build a company, you’ll be helping hundreds of people reach their potential through a new hire or job.  Our team believes that enjoying life while collaborating with your colleagues makes working fun.  You can be yourself at tng and experience a flexible work-life balance, plus a rewarding career. The neach group creates opportunities for everyone to be a successful entrepreneurial leader.


Headquarter in beautiful San Diego with a presence in San Francisco

Work/Life Balance

We believe in having flexible hours that let you enjoy your job and life outside of work.


We have an optimistic mindset, fostering positive thinking while working together to inspire each other and encourage personal growth.

Competitive Salary

We believe in valuing our employees with top market compensation packages, great performance based incentives and bonuses.

Full Benefits

We provide excellent health, eye, dental and life insurance benefits.

Equity Compensation

Possibility of becoming an equity holder.

Current Openings

Senior Associate


Associate & Senior Associate